The journey is the destination

What is going on here...

We've been traveling for years.

No, we're not rich.

Yes, we still work.

We travel full-time.

In multiple countries.

We do it all while raising 3 kids...

We kind of suck at this

While we consider ourselves to be adventurous travelers (because we are), we are not great bloggers, writers, photographers, or storytellers. We're going to give it a go anyway. We want to inspire others and educate the masses about full-time travel as a family. Can't count how many times people have told us "you should have a blog" when hearing the life we have as a full-time traveling family. Apparently we'd be rich with followers who'd love to learn more about our unique stories.

Fact is, this blog was technically 6 years old with barely 10 posts when this paragraph was written. Don't even ask about the three years between Oct 2015 and Sep 2018 where we didn't post a single thing. We were enjoying each other's company!

So hang tight while we figure out exactly what this site will do and how we'll do it. Browse around and don't be a stranger.

Check back soon and often, the world moves quickly =)

F.I.R.E. Posts

Family Travel Posts

Unschooling Posts

  • Checking out animals from land and sea

    Learning opportunities on the road

    Driving south into Oregon after leaving Seattle.

    We over-nighted (boondocked) at a place with a small petting farm and visited one of the oldest aquariums on the … Read more

  • First day of cooking class with lobster!

    We're not in France.

    But that doesn't stop them from learning about cooking something that VERY few people try to cook themselves!

    They wanted to make they did.

    And we caught meal … Read more

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