Unschooling Blog

Unschooling. Also known as Roadschooling, Worldschooling, and Unstructured Learning. It's not home schooling and definitely not traditional schooling. See how our children learn in different and unique ways without any formal structure, classrooms, schedules, or curriculum.

  • Checking out animals from land and sea

    Learning opportunities on the road

    Driving south into Oregon after leaving Seattle.

    We over-nighted (boondocked) at a place with a small petting farm and visited one of the oldest aquariums on the … Read more

  • First day of cooking class with lobster!

    We're not in France.

    But that doesn't stop them from learning about cooking something that VERY few people try to cook themselves!

    They wanted to make lobster...so they did.

    And we caught meal … Read more