Affordable RV lighting is here and we went all-in


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New LED electronicals for our motorhome!

Several years ago we added some LED lights to our sailboat.

It wasn't cheap. I think we paid between $8-12 for EACH BULB! We needed to save every watt we could while at sea, so we bit the bullet and made the upgrade.

But an RV is on land. If we run out of power, it's not that big of a deal in the real scheme of things. We've been putting off even looking at LED light bulbs for our RV for so long because of this. So you can bet we were jumping for joy when we found some on Amazon for a little over $2 each.

I bought a single 20-pack to try them out. Lo and behold they all worked (though they definitely looked like they were fresh from a Chinese factory where sweat shop workers are vastly underpaid).

See how the LED lighting upgrade in our RV went:

Gotta go!

Need to order a couple more packs so we can replace all the bulbs in the storage bays!

If you'd like to see the exact bulbs we used in our RV:

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