Our Mission

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There's no shortage of social media bloggers, influencers, and YouTubers who put out travel content. The most recurring theme is either "travel while you can before you have kids" or "save up so you can travel when you retire".

We think both of those, while lofty, are some pretty limiting targets to attain. We think travel should be more accessible to children. Traveling with kids is tough, don't get us wrong. They don't travel light and they can't travel on their own.

But nothing compares to being able to show a child a sea turtle in real life, help them learn a new language with locals, and instill them with the belief that there's more to life than accumulating material things; living in a single place.

Our aim as we put our lives here on display is that the best gift you can give a child...is a passport!

There is a severe lack of financial literacy being imparted on our youth and even adults, too.

The average person doesn't understand how money, taxes, investments, and banking works. Many of these things are complicated by the financial industry professionals who profit off of this lack of knowledge. The real fact is that there is no reason that everyone can't understand how this system works and improve their financial position, no matter how much or how little income they have.

Understanding how money works can drastically change one's life (and reduce stress, too). Being financially independent is something we want to help others achieve.

Follow our lead on how to leverage technology and education to improve your financial situation so that you can do the things you want to do, not work your entire life spinning your wheels.

Ocean Health

We've seen so much garbage in the ocean. Plastic is the worst.

Our aim is to expose those who do not venture from land the damage that is being caused throughout the world's oceans. Global warming, chemicals, and garbage are killing the ocean and the animals that call it home. The ocean is the life force and pulse of the entire planet. It is required to provide food, energy, jobs, and more to every living being on the planet. Without the ocean, we cannot exist.

We will use this platform and our travels to draw attention to this very important issue.

The educational system in the United States is a joke. America used to be one of the world leaders in growing generations of thought leaders in politics, science, academia, and medicine. Thought and preparedness for the real world are not common themes being taught in our schools. We've selected a rather innovative and shocking method for educating our own children:

We don't provide them with structured schooling. At all.

They learn as they live. As we sail we teach them physics, mathematics, science, responsibility, being calm under pressure, and more. We provide them with the tools they need to learn advanced subjects, without forcing them to adhere to a learning schedule. They learn at their pace and so far they are learning things at an impressive rate.

We plan to show the world how great of a school simply living and interacting with the world can be.