We've spent $22 fueling our electric car in the past 5 months


And we didn't spend a penny until we landed in Albuquerque in late August.

Those elevation changes driving between Santa Fe and Albuquerque really eat through the juice!

We spent $0 through Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, and Arizona.

We've logged approximately 3,000 miles since we bought the car. That's not even a penny a mile!

And the battery is still in top shape.

Nissan Leaf mileage and range photo

Safe to say that so far it's been an excellent purchase and definitely paying for itself.

The RV's fuel mileage isn't really affected by the weight of towing the car w/ dolly. We're still averaging ~7 miles per gallon. So it's much cheaper than when we used to drive our pickup truck separately.

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