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We are a family of 5 that have dreams leading us to far-away places and cultural adventures. Chris and Yana are taking their three sons on the mother of all family vacations. We moved outside of the United States in 2013 and became expats in other countries in order to find a sailing yacht big enough for our family and travel the world. If all goes as planned, you'll witness a worldwide circumnavigation that will no doubt drive our families in America crazy!

Follow along as we'll detail our experiences and feelings in moving from the United States, settling into new countries, outfitting a proper sailboat, learning to sail around the world with kids, adapting to ocean/sailboat life, speaking new languages, and any other excitement that may arise as we grow closer as a family while putting miles between ourselves and the myriad of people we'll encounter.

We have no idea where we will be in 10, 5, or even 2 years. All we know is home is where we're together and that the journey is the destination. A decent internet connection is our criteria before picking any spot on the globe. Enjoy reading about our experiences and remember:

we aren't running toward or from anything...the journey is what we crave!


Chris - (37)

Chris sailing on a sailboat delivery in the Sea of Cortez

Yana - (33)

Mom's sweet, salty kisses after an ocean swim

It's all Chris' fault.

He talked Yana into leaving the US with their first child back in 2013.

When he's not manning the helm, maintaining equipment, or dreaming up the next adventure, he helps entrepreneurs and small businesses advertise on Google AdWords.

Before semi-retirement he made a name for himself in corporate management of operations & people. When he got tired of making millions for others, he switch gears and works mostly for himself (or his freelance clients).

Meet our supermom!

Half Navajo. Half Norwegian.

Loves camping more than makeup. She also hates being in water she can't stand up in, yet likes living at sea on a boat more than just about anything else.

We call her supermom because while she's taking care of 3 boys and one man-boy, she's also been working full time for a law firm for the past several years. She's the main reason we can travel full time and go where we want to. That's why we also call her 'the Admiral'; an endearing term in the sailing community for a skipper's wife.

So make sure to show her some love on Instagram.

[For the protection of our kids, we avoid using their real names. Please respect their privacy and if you know us in real life also refrain from mentioning them by name publicly on this site. Thanks!]

Doodle - (6)

Doodle sliding down the slide

We call him Doodle because he draws all the time. Seriously. Like 3-4 hours a day; every day.

Mouth - (3)

A dirty Mouth face

Called mouth because he's loud and he's always eating. Always putting crap in his mouth (even sometimes, literally, crap). He's also very loud. So....Mouth.

Stick - (1)

A really thick Stick in a chair

When he was still in the womb, we asked Doodle what to call the new baby. He said 'stick'. And it stuck. Conversely, he's the fattest of all three. Thighs the size of large turkey legs!