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  • Solar panel install on our RV

    We're between coming off a J-O-B in Seattle and hitting the road.

    We figured it's probably a good idea to take the time to make some upgrades on PB.

    Solar power was a big part of our energy plan on … Read more

  • Fired from my job and it feels great!

    Yep, you read that right.

    I got fired today!

    Don't be gloomy, though...we're not.

    It was an amicable split and simply not working out. It happens.

    The reason it feels great is because the … Read more

  • Review of our visit to the Seattle Aquarium

    We were pretty excited to make the decision to visit the Seattle Aquarium while we were here.

    Doodle was especially surprised because he loves octopi.

    He loves drawing them, looking at them, … Read more

  • How bad is the Seattle Snowpocalypse?

    It wasn't even 8am yet.

    The kids were staring out the window.

    A few inches of fresh snow were calling them. We obliged...

    The snow didn't pack well.

    It would crumble while forming the snow into … Read more

  • Selling our soul for cash in Seattle

    We put our motorhome (whom we affectionately call 'PB'; more on that in another post) away last month.

    We're living in a house.

    An immoveable, expensive, exceedingly spacious house.

    We conceded … Read more