I go home for lunch every day. But not for the food...


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We came to Seattle in late 2018 to re-enter the job market.

To save up as much cash as possible prior to our future circumnavigation.

I made two things clear to my new employer:

  1. My family is number one
  2. I go home for lunch every day

Don't get me wrong, Yana is a great cook.

But I didn't come here for the lunch.

It's for the company I keep:


This is the first time I've ever had to routinely leave my kids.

They have spent all day with both of their parents all of their lives. (big reason we advocate reaching FI to others)

Not anymore.

We made the conscious decision for me to return to work again while they were very young.

I only hope it doesn't negatively affect them.

I know for a fact it takes everything I have to walk out that door.

Not once.

But twice. Every single day of the week.

Spend tons of time with your kids, everyone.

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