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  • Fired from my job and it feels great!

    Yep, you read that right.

    I got fired today!

    Don't be gloomy, though...we're not.

    It was an amicable split and simply not working out. It happens.

    The reason it feels great is because the … Read more

  • Selling our soul for cash in Seattle

    We put our motorhome (whom we affectionately call 'PB'; more on that in another post) away last month.

    We're living in a house.

    An immoveable, expensive, exceedingly spacious house.

    We conceded … Read more

  • Feeling like an octopus

    It's early September.

    Our contract ends in 4 days.

    That means we're moving on to our next destination.

    But we have no clue where that is!

    I have work opportunities in 3 states. All are pretty … Read more