Selling our soul for cash in Seattle


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We put our motorhome (whom we affectionately call 'PB'; more on that in another post) away last month.

We're living in a house.

An immoveable, expensive, exceedingly spacious house.

We conceded that if we really wanted to circumnavigate the world by sailboat, it makes sense to accumulate as much money as possible before we leave. So while the boys are young, I've re-entered the job market.

It's not easy. I haven't worked for anyone other than myself since 2008. I got hired on at a boat yard in Seattle. So I still get to work around boats and see the saltwater of the Puget Sound every day.

The money isn't great, due to the cost of living. But I'm close to work, which means I have a VERY short commute and get to come home for lunch every day to see the family.

The hardest part of my day is leaving in the morning and after lunch. It's the first time I've had to leave my kids every day like this. And the fact that they are getting used to the routine is killing me.

I hope I can continue to do this. There may not be enough money in the world that would keep me giving up the freedom we once had for very long.

[fingers crossed]

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