Feeling like an octopus


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It's early September.

Our contract ends in 4 days.

That means we're moving on to our next destination.

But we have no clue where that is!

I have work opportunities in 3 states. All are pretty awesome for multiple reasons.

I never thought that I'd be so highly sought-after when I haven't been in a regular job-job since mid-2008, but here we are.

It will be nice to more than double our income. Will make it much easier to save for sailing around the world. It's the only reason I would even remotely consider "selling my freedom" for cash money.

And of course, we got our FMCA plates today. One of these jobs means possibly selling the RV, because the work is on an island where we are not allowed to bring the motorhome. =(

Yana said we can't sell it now after we snapped this precious gem:

For now, we have a 3-day "interview" on a small island next week. The week after that, an interview in Seattle.

Stay tuned to find out how they go!

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