Taking the plunge!


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I guess this is where I write that this is my first post. It was just yesterday that we learned that Yana would be able to work remotely for the law firm from outside of the country. We have been talking about making a big change for a few months now and today's revelations are the bridge we needed to cross to feel comfortable taking this huge leap of faith. But first, some background on me.

I don't remember the first time it crossed my mind, but as long as I can remember since being a teenager there has been this dream clouding the back of my mind that I want to swim the English Channel. I found out that less people have swam the Channel than have climbed Mount Everest. Since then I haven't been able to shake the notion from my head. I started training in a pool here at home, but 1000 meters in a pool is nothing like the same distance in the ocean and I needed more if I was really going to do it.

And there our other goal surfaces...travel. My wife and I like to travel, but have been limiting our experiences to the tourist staples that most people on their pets have experienced. We want various stamps on our passports and learning other languages and cultures appeals to us greatly. We are not filthy rich, so going to far away lands is limited by our budget and the fact that we are young; saddled with the debt that hinders our adventures. I researched many options for the expat lifestyle and low-cost options when I stumbled onto the novel idea of sailing. As I write his, my sailing experince is ZERO. I have quite a lot of motor- and speed-boat experience having grown up around lots of lakes and water. After a couple months of research...I had my heart set on it. I love the water and love learning new things, so circumnavigating the world in our own yacht was the goal I aimed for or bust!

As you read this blog, you will find personal articles each from my wife and I. As we learn the hurdles (both legal and societal), we will post information articles for others to reference as they follow in similar footsteps. I look forward to your comments over the next several years as we record our steps forward (and back).

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