Guess we're renting...for now


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We have put ourselves in a time crunch. I am trying to get to Mexico for the winter so that I can take advantage of the cold waters and aim for a 2016 English Channel swim. On a longshot, we made an offer on a 3 bed, 2 bath house in San Carlos last week. It's a little smaller than the house we have now, but it was just two blocks from restaurants/downtown area and just four blocks from the ocean.

We got a counter offer back that was a little iffy for our situation since our house in Albuquerque won't be on the market for a while after we move and who knows how long until it sells. Being in a hurry, we are just going to rent for a while so we can look around some more and see if we can find something that will work out better for us long term. We will be staying in a 2 bed, 1 bath duplex for the next few months, but at least we are doing it.

I know a lot of people will wonder why we don't just take our time and find a place to buy. We thought of that. But what rings out to most of us is all of the people that we know who have given us so many accolades for making such a big move and shooting for such amazing travels. I have business associates (many of whom are very successful and could live just about anywhere in the world they want) who tell me that they wished they could do what we are doing. Yana's grandmother told us that she was proud of us for moving and that we are doing the right thing at our age. The only person so far who has expressed fear for our lives on more than one occasion is Yana's mom.

So why wait if it feels so right? There's also the part of us that will never go if we don't pull the trigger because of one small inconvenience or other hindrance. One of the benefits we are going to get by making such a giant change is that Doodle will not grow up surrounded by the elitist, entitled mindset that Americans have towards...well, just about everything. If something does go sour, it will only make us stronger as a family and teach us more about ourselves in the process. So our start in San Carlos will be in a small rental, not near the beach, and a little further from where we want to be. But I will be able to start training and we can learn some pretty neat lessons that can't be shown off by wearing a Boy Scout patch.

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